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Agile 101: A Primer for Outstanding Returns Course Introduction

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Course Description

This is a half-day (four hour) live instructor-led course that provides a robust foundation in core agile principles and illustrates how to apply them to generate outstanding company returns. 


There are many reasons companies don’t achieve their desired outcomes including: 

  • Failing to allocate resources in an economically sensible way
  • Assuming product-market fit without validating true customer needs and wants
  • Scaling up without evidence that their business ideas/models are valid
  • Prolonging product/service development times leading to delayed market entry
  • Working on too many things at the same time by not balancing work in process with available capacity


In this course we show how to apply an agile mindset to avoid these types of failures by:

  • Being data influenced and experiment driven
  • Taking an iterative approach
  • Being customer obsessed
  • Having an entrepreneur’s sense of urgency for creative problem solving
  • Knowing your resource constraints and obeying them
  • Applying thoughtfully decisive prioritization
  • Being skeptical of the status quo


This is not a course that focuses on the mechanics of using agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban (although both are briefly discussed). Rather, this course focuses on the foundational “why” that underlies all popular agile approaches. You’ll finish the course thinking like an agilist, better able to deal with the extreme uncertainty that comes with creating a business that develops and delivers products and services that delight customers.


This course is intended for startup entrepreneurs and their investors, corporate intrapreneurs / corporate innovators and their company leadership, as well as hands-on practitioners within their organizations that are involved in achieving outstanding returns.

Full Agenda

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Meet Ken Rubin

Agile Author, Trainer, and Coach

Ken Rubin

Ken Rubin is the author of Amazon’s #1 best selling book Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process. As an agile thought leader, Ken founded Innolution where he helps organizations thrive through the application of agile principles in an effective and economically sensible way. He has coached over 200 companies ranging from startups to Fortune 10, and is an angel investor and mentor to numerous exciting startups. As a Certified Scrum Trainer, Ken has trained over 33,000 people in agile / Scrum as well as object-oriented technology. He was the first managing director of the worldwide Scrum Alliance, a nonprofit organization focused on transforming the world of work using Scrum.

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  • When is the class?

    This class is not currently scheduled. If you are interested in attending a public version of this class or would like a private version taught at your company, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Are their multi-person (group) discounts?

    Yes! Please reach out to us at [email protected] for more information.

  • How is the course delivered?

    The course is delivered live (over Zoom) and instructor led by Ken Rubin.

  • What is the purpose of this "on-line course" if the event is live?

    The reason for having this on-line presence is to provide a repository for the class artifacts. For example, pre-class information and the class handout materials are stored here. And, post class, you will be able to download the annotated class slides and copies of all exercises you completed during the class.

  • What happens after I purchase this course?

    You will be enrolled in the live course. You will also have an account on this website that will give you access to all of the pre-class instructions and exercises.

  • Does this course qualify for continuing educational credit?

    Yes! Completing this course earns you 4 PDUs from the PMI and 4 SEUs from the Scrum Alliance (use Category "Learning").

What People Are Saying

Jason Searfoss

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Investment Officer - Boomtown Accelerators

Ken has engaged with dozens of my portfolio companies over the years. His insights have consistently enhanced their operations, sharpened their decision making, and made them better stewards of capital. I apply Ken's principles to my own investment and operational diligence processes, and the quality of my portfolio and its returns are stronger as a result. I highly recommend this course.

Tara O'Brien

Cofounder, Forging Mettle Training Academy Business Lecturer, University of Colorado Boulder, Startup Leadership Coach

Ken knows how to connect and engage with his audience in a way that gets the room serious and energized. You can tell he loves to both mentor and teach, which is why we find that brilliant synergy of passion, 'been-there-seen-that' wisdom, and mindfully designed creative material. He focuses on the right details and gets real with the entrepreneurs in the room, which is crucial for early-stage founders and business leaders today. This is the exact style of education we need across the board for startups...for students in general.