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Do you want to be a Certified Scrum Product Owner?

Get Trained by Ken Rubin, the person who wrote THE BOOK on Scrum.

You know, the Amazon #1 Best Seller Essential Scrum that you've probably seen on peoples' desks as their “go to” reference for Scrum knowledge.

The book that's available in 10 languages.

Ken's classes closely align with the content of Essential Scrum, so the book is a great post-class complement to the hands-on class learning

Ken's Certified Scrum Product Owner class uses graphically rich and visually appealing 3D images to communicate agile and Scrum concepts. For example, here is an image of the Scrum framework.

And with Ken as your instructor, you get someone who is not only an expert trainer, but also someone who has been in the trenches guiding large organizations with their agile journeys.

Attribute Number
Technical and business people trained > 33,000
Companies coached (Fortune 10 to startup) > 200
Years involved with Agile (originally the Smalltalk community) > 30
Year of 1st Scrum implementation 2000
Successful enterprise agile transformations > 10
Largest number of teams involved in agile transformation > 1100
Largest single agile project in terms if people > 2500
Managing Director of the Scrum Alliance 1st

Sampling of Companies Ken has Trained and Coached

JPMorgan Chase
The New York Times
John Deere


  • When is the class?

    The class will take place on July 17-18, 2023 from 9:00am to 5:30pm Eastern Time.

  • How is the course delivered?

    The course is delivered live (over Zoom) and instructor led by Ken Rubin.

  • What is the purpose of this "on-line course" if the event is live?

    The reason for having this on-line presence is to provide a repository for the class artifacts. For example, pre-class information and the class handout materials are stored here. And, post class, you will be able to download the annotated class slides and copies of all exercises you completed during the class.

  • What happens after I purchase this course?

    You will be enrolled in the July 17-18, 2023 live course. You will also have an account on this website that will give you access to all of the pre-class instructions and exercises.

  • Is this a certification course?

    Yes! This is a Scrum Alliance approved certification class. Two of the requirements for becoming certified are to attend and to participate. So, please make sure that you are present for all in-classroom sessions and that you are engaged in the discussions. This class includes the fee to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner and a two year membership with the Scrum Alliance.

  • Does this course qualify for continuing educational credit?

    Yes! Completing this course earns you 16 PDUs from the PMI and 16 SEUs from the Scrum Alliance (use Category "Learning").

Who Should Attend

There are no pre-requisites for this class. You don’t need to be a Product Owner to attend this Certified Scrum Product Owner training! This class is appropriate for both software and non-software professionals

If you are working in a company that is adopting Scrum, and you are interested in understanding the foundational agile principles and their application in a Scrum environment, you should take this class.

Traditional roles that frequently attend include:

  • Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Business/Requirements Analysts
  • Technical Writers
  • QA professionals
  • Operations professionals
  • Design and User Experience professionals
  • Functional (Technical) Managers
  • CMOs
  • Sales professionals
  • Risk and compliance
  • HR professionals